You can pre-order frozen tamales for pick up at any of the farmer's markets we attend or get free delivery in orders of more than 20 tamales. If you need ready to eat tamales contact our Catering department.

Organic Corn Masa Tamales

tamale addiction

“El que nace pa’ tamal, del cielo le caen las hojas”

“He who is born to be a tamale will have the cornhusk fall down on him from the sky”

– Mexican Popular Proverb

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Take a look on how to get them
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pre-order in advance and pick them up at the farmers' markets or at our kitchen.



Are you planning a special event? Is an important meeting coming soon?



You can also get our tamales in some of the best specialty food stores around Austin.



On the go? look for our next stop and visit us. Do you want us to bring it to your party?

tradition and culinary heritage

In 2010 we felt the first symptoms, the urge to start our own healthy contemporary version of the traditional pre-hispanic tamales. So we experimented with Grandma’s old recipes using only natural ingredients, no lard, no trans-fat oils, no preservatives and completely  gluten free. Today, we honor this culinary heritage producing by traditional ways and hand-crafting from scratch.

get a fix

We dare you to eat our tamales and not get addicted from the first bite. You will become part of our beloved community of addicts that we try to pamper every day with our most indispensable ingredient: love.     


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