We have four different ways to order:

If you are planning to pick up your frozen tamales at our store or at any of the farmers’ markets we attend, click on PICK UP.

Let’s say you need catering for your office or party, we can offer you our ready-to-eat tamales and deliver them to your location. Just click on CATERING.

We are also offering this attractive fundraiser program for you school or organization (contact us for further details) and if you are already participating on one, just click on FUNDRAISER to set your order.

We strongly recommend to visit our MENU section to learn more about all of our tamale including ingredients and nutritional facts to help you decide.


Pick up

Pick up days, hours and places depend on the store or Farmers’ Markets open hours. Tamales for pick up will be frozen.



Catering orders require at least 48 hrs in advance notice. We strongly suggest tell us about details for parking and delivering as well as instructions for setting up. Do not forget to choose the following extras: Paperware, utensils, serving utensils, etc
This service does not include a delivery fee of $25dlls.



Tamales come in six pack box. When ordering choose the organization you are participating with. Be aware of the time frame and the delivery date each event will be.


114 E. Parsons, Manor. TX 78653
Open Mon-Fri 7am-3pm
Phone: (512) 278-1775
E-mail: info@tamaleaddiction.com
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