A group of “tamale addicts” have chosen our best combinations, wrapped and packed in a box ready for you, either you are a meat lover, a discipline vegetarian athlete, a conscious vegan or just for the sake of tasting our organic tamales.

Your FROZEN DELIVERY directly to you, so easy:

1) Pick up your frozen delivery and select the quantities
2) Give us the address and we deliver it to you. Tamales go individually wrapped and frozen. Ready to heat them up.

This season pick up your frozen delivery at Tamale Addiction.

Lustful carnivore

Our best selection of meat tamales.

6 Pork tomatillo
6 Chicken Mole
6 Pork Pastor


Hyped vegetarian

Don’t missed the best combination of veggies and cheeses.

6 poblano and muenster cheese
6 beans and goat cheese
6 Spring veggies and feta cheese


Vegans crush

Indulge yourself with this super tasty vegan options.

6 Spinach with caramelized onions
6 Mushrooms, onions and epazote
6 Nopalitos cactus



Assorted tamales for every taste, including meat, vegetarian and vegan options.

3 Pork tomatillo
3 Chicken mole
3 Beans and goat cheese
3 Poblano with muenster cheese
3 Spinach with caramelized onions
3 Nopalitos Cactus